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Our Software Delivery Process

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If custom software application development is key to your business success, it’s essential to partner with a proven team that uses modern software development processes. Arcweb Technologies is a leading software development company that has delivered more than 200 projects for over 90 clients, ranging from startups to Fortune 50 companies.

Arcweb’s software delivery process is based on a repeatable, reliable model that ensures high-quality results while allowing for the flexibility demanded by modern technologies and digital product requirements.


Arcweb Software Delivery Process

Arcweb teams use market-tested methods to give clients a best-of-breed digital product design and development experience. We begin every project by evaluating the client’s underlying assumptions and priorities and balancing the client’s time-to-market and budgetary needs against critical features. Navigating these decisions during the course of a project and re-prioritizing based on findings is inherently part of the Arcweb process.

Our process follows a continuous two-cycle sprint approach, with Discovery and Development Sprint Cycles. Discovery Cycles define the technical architecture and user experience (UX) resulting in a backlog that will inform development and future design. Once a sufficient feature backlog is created, Development Sprint Cycles are initiated to engineer the product according to the technical architecture, UX artifacts, and backlog.


Discovery Sprint Cycle

Discovery Sprint Cycles allow Arcweb to continuously refine the user experience (UX) and to support any needs of the engineering team in a timely and efficient manner. They also ensure that the project will meet business requirements, while delivering a high-quality product on time and budget.

  • User Flows: Flows distill the vetted ideas of the project into a tangible set of goals and provide a map of the user’s experience
  • Wireframes: Wireframes start the process of taking the initial concepts and flows and crystallizing them into visuals
  • Prototypes: Interactive prototypes can showcase what a product will feel like and highlight what works and what doesn’t
  • System Architecture: There are no “one size fits all” solutions in software. We select the best patterns and structures to ensure code quality, reusability, maintainability, and extensibility
  • User Stories: Concise descriptions of the features and functionality we intend to build, framed as benefits to the user


Development Sprint Cycle

Development Sprint Cycles utilize a well-groomed backlog from the Discovery Sprint Cycle to efficiently manage and coordinate all engineering activities. Development Sprint Cycles are broken into Visual Design, Development, and Testing. Each stage of the cycle is iterative and runs continuously, delivering functional software while constantly refining on the foundations laid down in each previous cycle.

  • Visual Design: Visual design draws on the elements of your brand to create striking, beautiful, and delightful designs for your app
  • Development: We provide a deep toolbox that gives clients access to the latest technologies when building modern web and mobile applications
  • Quality Assurance & Testing: Testing takes a variety of forms at each level of development. Project specific testing procedure will be defined
  • Completed Feature: As each feature is completed, we evaluate the overall strategy and progress of the project to ensure that we deliver on-time, on-budget, and in alignment with the business requirements
  • Delivery & Beyond: Continuous delivery ensures that functional software is delivered at the end of each sprint, allowing for a critical combination of stability and flexibility


Ongoing Support

Support and maintenance is essential for the long-term success of any software product or project. After the primary delivery process has completed, Arcweb also provides ongoing maintenance and support services, including performance monitoring, bug fixes, release cycle management, and infrastructure maintenance and upgrades. This is a highly customizable engagement that can look very different from one project to the next, and is tailored for the specific needs of each client.


Delivery Makes the Difference

Good processes deliver good software. The Arcweb team has over a decade’s worth of experience delivering high-quality software, and a reliable, repeatable delivery process designed for flexibility and success. To find out how Arcweb can help you with your next enterprise software project, contact us to speak with a member of our team.


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Mia Kent
Mia is a Scrum-certified Project Manager at Arcweb Technologies who is responsible for leading cross-functional teams in the delivery of custom digital solutions.
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