Product Design Services

Arcweb’s core product design philosophy is designing “with” our users, rather than designing “for” them. The process is cross-functional and collaborative by default and encompasses technology, user experience, and business goals to ensure viable and successful products.

Designing Products Through Co-Creation

Arcweb treats design as a specialized discipline that combines technology, business, and user needs. We use a co-creation process that ensures alignment between user needs and product decisions while guiding our clients through the full range of strategic and technical considerations that will ensure success, profitability, and long-term growth.

User and Usability Research

Usability testing and research offer qualitative feedback from your target audiences, creating the opportunity to observe and record feedback about the navigation, functionality, user interface, value proposition, and other design functions. Ideally, testing occurs early and often throughout the design and development process.

User Journey

Evaluating the user journey offers a framework that illustrates how users digitally connect with the business, brand, and product. Understanding and mapping the journey offers insights into the value of the digital product and how and when users want to interact.

User Experience

When aligning the user experience with the product design, our teams review how users will think, feel, and act throughout the entire experience. The goal is to create a relevant, meaningful, and intuitive experience that minimizes friction and drives lasting user engagement.

Interactive Prototypes

When shaping ideas into digital products, interactive prototypes are essential to evaluating the customer experience. Understanding how users will interact with a live, working version of the product offers insights for improving the product and how to give users exactly what they want.

Development Roadmaps

The development roadmap is a strategic plan that defines the goals and desired outcomes. It outlines and includes the major milestones that will be met along the path to the final product and business success.

System Architecture

A system architecture is a conceptual model that defines the structure, behavior, and views of a system. An architecture description is a formal description and representation of a system, organized in a way that supports key decisions about the structures and behaviors of the system.