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Integrated Development Teams

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Not every digital product requires a partner to provide a full software development team. Arcweb can rapidly assemble an integrated development team to add critical skills and additional resources to a new or existing organization. Each team is tailored for the exact needs of the project and existing capabilities, helping our partners accelerate project delivery while mitigating the challenges and overhead of traditional staffing models.

An integrated development team from Arcweb provides the same highly skilled product managers, UX/UI architects, and developers as our full digital product development teams, but custom tailored to provide only the roles that are missing from your existing team. They are up-to-speed faster and work smarter and more efficiently than staff augmentation or contractors, having worked together before with a common software development process.

If your company has no internal software development resources or you don’t have the capacity to manage a priority project, you may also want to consider a full digital product development team.


Staff Augmentation vs. Integrated Development Teams

For mission critical software projects, traditional staff augmentation creates more problems than it solves. An Arcweb integrated development team is different.

Whereas staff augmentation typically only provides staff engineers that need to be managed by the client, an integrated development team is a flexible resource that fits “around” your existing software development team, providing the skills and resources that are missing. An integrated Arcweb team can be completely self-managing and follows a uniform development process that integrates seamlessly with your own workflow, including coordination with other workstream managers.

Arcweb integrated development teams can also provide structure and leadership for other development resources, including existing team members and consultants. Our Architects can fill any senior technology role and are frequently called upon to assist in the team building process.


Flexible software development engagements

As with all Arcweb software development engagements, we create and deploy integrated development teams through a flexible model that is customized to fit the exact needs of your organization.

We work closely with our clients to determine the right mix of skills and team members to complete your project on-time and within-budget. Arcweb’s integrated development team model is an ideal fit for any critical software development project, whether you need additional resources for the duration of a project or to accelerate the development of specific features. And for new companies or new products, it can provide an efficient way to get the project off the ground and through critical milestones.

Upgrade your software development capabilities

Arcweb’s integrated development teams are a reliable and efficient way to rapidly launch or complete business-critical software projects without the downsides and limitations of traditional staff augmentation or software outsourcing.

To find out how Arcweb’s integrated development teams can help you improve your internal software development capabilities, contact our team.

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