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Digital Product Strategy Consulting

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Arcweb Technologies knows what makes a good product. We have more than a decade of experience bringing successful digital products to market, and we’ve turned that expertise into a flexible digital strategy engagement model that provides a range of services to ensure successful business decisions for your new product or software system.

In a condensed time frame, our expert team can identify the right technology, user experience approach, and software architecture to satisfy your business needs, while also guiding you through build vs. buy decisions, utilization of open source components, and cloud computing deployment and management.

When you partner with Arcweb, we work closely with you to tailor our engagement to your exact needs and build a team that provides the right services and expertise. Each team is assembled from our roster of full-time software and product design experts to meet the specific requirements of your project, and typically includes a combination of project management, software architecture, UX architecture, and UX design expertise.


Digital Product Strategy Services

Arcweb’s digital strategy engagements are built to ensure a successful outcome for your project, and are ideal if you have identified a business challenge but not how to solve it. We use our years of software and product expertise to go deep on your challenge—understanding business needs, user needs, and technology needs, while asking the right questions to drive a successful outcome.

We can provide a variety of different types of strategy engagement, each designed to solve a particular business challenge—whether that is due diligence, early product strategy, or high-level technology leadership. Arcweb provides the precise expertise and outcomes that you need to succeed.

1. Technical Due Diligence Consulting

Designed for venture capital and private equity clients, a due diligence engagement provides an in-depth analysis of an existing digital product or software platform. Our team scrutinizes every aspect of both the product and company, including organizational structure, skill set and composition, and long-term stability and scalability.

Our software experts then provide a detailed report that will alert you to any issues and provide in-depth recommendations about potential partners, growth plans, and infrastructure or software architecture improvements.

2. Technical Leadership Consulting

A technical leadership engagement provides a small and focused team to think through your problem space and identify the technology risks, opportunities, and requirements—while making smart recommendations to ensure success.

Arcweb can also provide a variety of leadership services, which may include management of an existing team, the establishment and direction of a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and CTO-level recommendations and hiring oversight.


3. Product Prototyping Consulting

The Arcweb team has over a decade of experience creating successful product prototypes. Combining product strategy with design and architecture expertise, a prototyping engagement will help take your project from a rough idea to a well-scoped, development-ready strategy, with detailed deliverables to ensure organizational buy-in.



4. Design Audit

A design audit from Arcweb Technologies provides a detailed analysis of your product’s existing user experience and feature set, with a focus on usability, cross-platform functionality, and design best practices.

Flexible strategy engagements

Each strategy engagement is built around a flexible team that is based on the specific needs needs of your project, from project management and UX design to software architecture and CTO-level guidance. We can also provide specific domain expertise in areas such as healthcare and fintech.


Digital product strategy experts

Arcweb has over a decade of experience designing, building, and launching successful digital products. We have expertise across a variety of industries, for companies ranging in size from startups to the Fortune 500. Our proven track record of success and flexible engagement models have made Arcweb the partner of choice for more than 80 companies, including global leaders in their fields.

To learn more about how Arcweb can ensure success for your next digital product or technology project, and how we can make your next project a success, contact our team today.

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