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Arcweb’s Flexible Engagement Model

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Our project delivery process is built from the ground up to ensure quality and project success while maintaining flexibility for our clients. That goes beyond the software itself, encompassing both project management and team composition practices.

Arcweb delivers software with highly dynamic project teams that scale to fit the optimal team size and precise skill sets needed at a given phase of our dual development and design cycles. Our teams consist of experienced engineers, architects, and designers with years of experience building complex web and mobile applications across multiple domains.

Team Makeup

Arcweb’s proven and experienced cross-functional teams include Product and Project Management, UX Design, Software Architecture, Engineering and QA resources. Each of these disciplines is adjusted dynamically throughout the project in response to business needs, key milestones, and the design and development sprint cycles.

Project Management Office — Principal Consultants along with Product and Project Managers work closely with the client to make high-level strategic decisions while managing the day-to-day activities of the team.


UX Architect — UX Architects are responsible for the user’s experience. They create the initial user flow and ensure that the project has a seamless virtual experience.


Designer — Designers bridge the gap between experience and visual design, ensuring delightful digital experiences that are engaging, impactful, and easy to navigate for key users.

Solution Architect — Solution Architects are experienced, hands-on leaders of technical teams. They have extensive, in-depth experience in a multitude of technologies and frameworks, as well as software development process and methodologies.

Software Engineer — Software Engineers combine years of professional experience with wide-ranging software skills in web and application technologies.


Quality Assurance — QA Engineers test continuously to ensure application quality from both a technical and user perspective.


Flexible Team Size

We carefully structure the size and composition of each Arcweb team throughout the life of a project to ensure the correct distribution of skill sets and resources for the needs, timeline, and budget of our clients. This allows the integrated design and development cycles to run smoothly and efficiently, without introducing either delays or unnecessary cost for the client.

We begin every project by understanding your underlying assumptions and priorities, working with a small team that includes Principal Consultants, Project Managers, UX Architects and Software Architects. Forming a team of individuals from across different disciplines ensures that every department understands the underlying business needs and the larger problem space. After all, it’s the whole team who will be responsible for delivering the product, not just a series of individuals.

As the project shifts into the full discovery cycle, UX resources are added to the team to flesh out the product UX and set the stage for development. Once the project foundation is in place, we add software engineering resources and run the Discovery and Development Cycles simultaneously, in a process we call Continuous Collaboration. This approach keeps our design and development teams in constant communication and allows the project assets to evolve collaboratively.

Finally, as the project launch approaches, the team is scaled back down, then finally transitioned into a smaller team for ongoing support.

This scale-up / scale-down allows an Arcweb team to adjust its capabilities throughout the life of the project, delivering the correct mix of skills and resources every step of the way.

The right team for your project

Selecting a partner with the ability to dynamically engage with you based on the actual needs of your project and business is critical for success. Arcweb places a huge emphasis on providing the right people with the right skills at the right time, and making smart decisions throughout the life of a project to ensure our client’s needs are met—on time and under budget.

To learn how Arcweb can help you bring your next product to market, set up a time to speak with our team.


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