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Patient Access API: Q&A with Industry Leaders

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  1. In this installment of our Patient Access Rule series, we organized a panel of industry experts including Kristen Valdes of b.well Connected Health, Deven McGraw of Ciitizen at Invitae, and Chris Cera of Arcweb Technologies.

Last summer, CMS began enforcing the Patient Access rule, a new healthcare data rule that requires most payers to grant access to a wide range of claims, pharmaceutical, and clinical data through a standardized API. This is a sea change for healthcare data, representing the first time that third-party companies will have access to patient data outside of HIPAA and under the auspices of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

First in the Series:

Patient Access API Introduction Webinar PosterPatient Access API: Introduction Webinar

Did you miss our introduction to the US’s Patient Access rule? Catch up with this high-level briefing that explores how it’s impacting app developers, payers, and the pharmaceutical industry.

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