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Shame on UX: Shame an Experience

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The next Shame on UX meetup is happening Wednesday, August 26 at Arcweb Technologies HQ. (If you’re not familiar with Shame on UX, here’s a quick overview.) At this month’s meetup, everyone will bring an app experience that thoroughly annoys them; an app that elicits that why can’t you just do THIS!?!? sentimentFor each app, the group will do an overview discussion and then pick the worst of the worst. The “winner” will then undergo a deeper dive. In small groups, each person will get a chance to explain problematic user flows and other elements of the product that just drive them crazy. As this is happening, other group members will quickly sketch out a solution to the specific user flow problem and share their concept. The idea is to give attendees an idea of how quick thinking combined with personal intuition can vastly improve overall user experience.


Building a digital product?


So if this sounds fun to you, join Shame on UX and RSVP! Meetup details below.

WHEN: Wednesday, August 26 at 5:30 PM
WHERE : Arcweb Technologies HQ 234 Market St. 5th Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19106
COST: Free
RSVP: Please!

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Nicole Arasim
Nicole is a UI/UX designer at Arcweb Technologies who studied at Rochester Institute of Technology and Philadelphia’s University of the Arts. She enjoys educating others about design principles and helping clients improve their UX to achieve their business goals.
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