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Arcweb Participating in City Council Hearing Aimed at Increasing Philadelphia’s Global Competitiveness

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Tomorrow, as part of Philly Tech Week 2014, our own Chris Cera will participate in a discussion at City Hall focusing on growing Philadelphia’s entrepreneurial efforts and creative class and generally increasing the city’s global competitiveness. City Council members will be on hand to hear the discussion. Other members on the panel include…

  • Deputy Mayor Alan Greenberger
  • Chris Cera, CTO Arcweb, Co-founder Philadelphia Startup Leaders
  • Ellen Weber, Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs, ED Robin Hood Ventures
  • Brigitte Daniel, Wilco Electronic Systems
  • Wil Reynolds, CEO SEER Interactive
  • David Atadan, CEO Trellist


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Interested in attending? Registration is free and the discussion starts at 3:00 PM ET.

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