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Product Hacker: How to Sell Artificial Intelligence w/ Brian O’Neill of Monetate

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Customer experience AI has been buzzed about for years, but with little to show for it. That’s finally starting to change, with massive growth in personalization, automation, and more. But how do you SELL AI and automation? And more importantly, how do you introduce it to an existing product line?



We interviewed Brian O’Neill of Monetate, a company that’s grown from marketing analytics to full-on AI-enabled customer experience personalization. As Monetate’s CTO, he’s overseen the company’s technical strategy and growth, and had a front row seat to major shifts in technology, positioning, and value proposition.


From analytics to full-blown intelligence

Brian took us through each step of Monetate’s journey, from its earliest days providing intelligent A/B testing to its current suite of AI-guided experience automation tools, and shares how the company had to shift its selling strategy and messaging over time.

Here are a few of the topics we covered:

  • How does AI change the value proposition of a product?
  • What impact is AI having on customer experience?
  • What will the role of marketing be in a world with heavy experience and marketing automation?

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